It is recognized that expert consulting services are not inexpensive and that many clients are apprehensive about the potential cost of the specialist consulting services offered. However the services supplied by Interarc Design Inc. do not increase the overall professional fees for a project. Interarc Design Inc., takes over supply of and, is paid the respective fees for, the specialist consulting services, from the appointed professional for the project. There is therefore no additional fee charged for the services of Interarc Design Inc., but rather a re-distribution of the overall professional fees.

Interarc Design Inc. charges, on an hourly fee and expense basis, for most consulting services. On occasion an exception is made to this, at the discretion of the Interarc Design Inc. and a lump sum and expense basis is adopted. All statements are carefully reviewed by Interarc Design Inc. for appropriateness, based not only on the actual time spent on the project, but also on a variety of factors such as complexity and detail of the design, expertise of input, documentation provided, special time requirements and other similar factors.

Statements are normally prepared monthly, for the previous month's fees and costs incurred, and are due and payable upon receipt. In appropriate projects, some matters may be billed upon completion at the discretion of Interarc Design Inc. Depending upon the nature of a particular project, a reasonable retainer fee deposit, from the client, may be required. In most projects involving new clients, Interarc Design Inc. will require a client/consultant agreement to be executed prior to commencement of work. Interarc Design Inc. is happy to discuss any matters, relating to fees and billing practices, which concern clients or potential clients.


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