INTERARC DESIGN INC: 1 July 1994 - 31 July 2020



PRE-CANADA: In 1992 Interarc Architects were commissioned to coordinate all aspects of the complete renovation of, the then existing, Kings Park Soccer Stadium in Durban, South Africa, with Roland Muller as architect-in-charge. The scope included design and construction of a new 9 lane track to host the 1993 9th African Athletics Championships, with a soccer pitch on the infield built to FIFA World Cup requirements. Preparatory research included visits to and analysis of some of the stadia used for the 1990 FIFA Soccer World Cup hosted in Italy. This included the stadia in Bari, Rome and Torino, all of which incorporated FIFA fields and IAAF track facilities. Research was also undertaken at the 1992 Olympic Stadium in Barcelona.

IN CANADA: In 1994, Interarc Design Canada, which evolved into Interarc Design Inc., was founded at Kelowna by Roland Muller, to provide expert design; budget and construction consulting services, to Professionals, Contractors and other participants in the sport facility design and build industry. Up to the end of 2019 well over 300 facilities benefited from Interarc's involvement as consultants, in the design and/or construction of their track(s). Amongst many other, some notable installations are:

Atlanta: site of the 1996 Olympic Games and USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships/Olympic Trials;
IUPUI, Indianapolis: host location of the 1997/2006/2007 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships;
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg: site of the 1999 Pan Am Games and the 2005 Canadian Track & Field Championships;
Sacramento State University, Sacramento: rebuilt 1999 to host the 2000 & 2004 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships/Olympic Trials; resurfaced for 2014 NCAA Div I outdoor Track & Field Championships.
University of Western Ontario: host location of the 2001 Canada Games;
Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton: rebuilt for the 2001 IAAF World Championships and the 2001 Canadian Track & Field Championships;
University of Sherbrooke, Quebec: site of the 2003 IAAF World Youth Championships;
University of Windsor, Ontario: host location of the 2005 Pan Am Junior Championships and 2006/2007/2008 Canadian Track & Field Championships;
StubHub Center, Carson CA: host location of the 2005 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships;
Université de Moncton, New Brunswick: site of the 2010 IAAF World Junior Championships and 2013/2014 Canadian Track & Field Championships;
Drake University, Des Moines IA: host location of the 2010/ 2013 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships; and 2011/ 2012 NCAA Div I outdoor Track & Field Championships;
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville AR: host location of the 2015 NCAA Division I Indoor Track & Field Championships;
Icahn Stadium, Randall's Island, New York NY: host location of the 2015 USA National Club Track & Field Championships.

PERSONAL COMMITMENT: The involvement of Interarc Design Inc. with sport can be traced to 1968 when Roland Muller, then in High School., first participated in cross country and track & field ('athletics'). This participation remains ongoing today, outlasting operation of Interarc itself and has, over the decades, encompassed variously: track, cross country and road running events; from local competitions to national championships. This hands-on experience was amplified by the active voluntary positions served over the years as official, team selector, committee member, club president and coach. The broad spectrum of personal involvement and experience, gave Roland Muller unique insight into accommodating the sport of track & field in facility design & construction.

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: At the end of 1978 Roland Muller completed his 6 year B Arch degree from University of Natal and obtained his original licence as an architect in 1979. From 1984-94 he was partner in Interarc Architects in Durban. Roland founded Interarc Design Canada as a sports facility consultancy in 1994, on immigrating to Canada. In the course of his professional career he obtained and maintained memberships in the RAIC, RIBA, AIA, SAIA and ASBA. At the end of 2017 Roland withdrew from these various international memberships as professional architect, maintaining only retired status with the RAIC. Over the years Interarc Design has worked with and is credited by the IAAF, as contributor to the IAAF Track & Field Facilities Manual (2003 edition) and by ASBA as a contributor to the First Edition (2009) of the publication: Indoor Sports Surfaces - An Installation and Maintenance Manual. Roland also has served as IOC accredited technical representative, at the Olympic Games (Atlanta 1996).